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Writer/producer in features & TV. Creator, five primetime series. Ex: TV Academy CEO; CNN reporter; USC professor. Author. UFO analyst. Investigative reporter.

Profanity Included

Even the Navy UAP videos contain a trained military airman shouting, “What the fuck is that?” So we present the case with the profanity left in, the way that actual UFO sightings sound anyway.

Blowing the Roof Off the UFO Cover-up or Just Blowing Our Minds?

Dear Medium, please excuse this profane outlier. It’s meant as a piece of First Amendment art, not an offense against the decency of your platform. We’ll be back to polite conversation soon… what follows is not the voice of the author, but the voice of a literary creation…


Saucer Talk

Trail of the Saucers editors Bryce Zabel and David Bates both read a review copy of the latest book from George Knapp, Colm Kelleher and James Lacatski. They have opinions.


This month’s “Saucer Talk” features the new book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders’ Account of the Government Secret UFO Program, reviewed by Trail of the Saucers editors Bryce Zabel and David Bates.

Bryce: First off, my disclaimer. I know George Knapp personally. He’s had me on his weekend Coast-to-Coast


This open letter challenges you to defend your skepticism about UFO/UAP reality in a public debate. Can you go beyond sound bites and punch lines to get to the heart of the matter?

Graphic by Lynda Karr Design

An Open Letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson

I’ve been waiting a long time for you to stop dodging, dismissing and deflecting on the issue of UFOs/UAP and engage in some straight talk about what they really are and where they’re coming from. Maybe I’m just getting old and impatient, but the times are changing, the planet is…

Dark Skies at 25

Twenty-five years ago, NBC’s landmark alien invasion series Dark Skies linked two of the most speculated events of the century together: the Roswell crash recovery and the JFK assassination.

Jesse Marcel, John Kennedy — Montage by Stellar | Dark Skies — Created by Bryce Zabel & Brent V. Friedman

A Mashup of the Two Great American Conspiracies

We know that something crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. We also know that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by someone on the streets of Dallas, Texas in 1963.

These two events, separated by sixteen years and hundreds of miles, are easily the most…

Dark Skies 25th Anniversary

The landmark NBC series Dark Skies had a subversive on-air storyline matched only by its off-air intrigue with real Men-in-Black. The alternate history cult-hit is more relevant than ever.

Dark Skies — Created by Bryce Zabel & Brent V. Friedman | Art by Alicia Fernandez

Twenty-five years ago this fall, Dark Skies came to public attention in all its radical, revisionist glory. It said that because the secret of extraterrestrial reality had been covered up for many decades that “history as you know it is a lie.” …

Betty and Barney Hill 60th Anniversary

Barney and Betty Hill said they encountered extraterrestrials six decades ago, and their story still packs a punch. It’s a case that is all about firsts, but what really happened?

Look Magazine | Photographer: Paul Fusco | 1966

THE STORY IN BRIEF: On the night of September 19/20, 1961, Barney and Betty Hill, returning from a honeymoon in Canada, encountered a large UFO in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The next thing they remembered was being thirty miles down the road with two hours elapsed that they…

9/11 @ 20 Years

Remembering the 9/11 Emmys — a lesson in crisis management from a show that was postponed twice — once over 9/11 and once over the invasion of Afghanistan. Were they a dress rehearsal for our increasingly chaotic world?

Chairman Bryce Zabel, Producer Don Mischer | Mathew Imaging

Since the Emmy Awards came into existence in 1949, they had never been postponed or canceled until 2001. In that year of 9/11, it happened twice — on my watch. That year, the Emmys faced an existential threat when 9/11 occurred five days before a scheduled telecast.

I was elected…

Guest Column

Whether it’s the lab-leak theory of COVID’s origin or the evidence for anomalous objects near Earth, those who insist uncomfortable ideas are unscientific are holding back potentially important discoveries.

‘Oumuamua’ by artist Joy Pollard

Written by avi_loeb
Loeb is the founding director of Harvard University’s Black Hole Initiative, director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and the former chair of the Astronomy department at Harvard University (2011–2020). …

Cosmic Collision

40 years ago, after doing a ‘live’ half-hour show with Carl Sagan about Voyager II’s Saturn flyby, we debated UFO reality in a PBS parking lot. It was a close encounter I’ll never forget.

Bryce Zabel (L), Carl Sagan (R)

Okay, on one level, I get it. Dr. Carl Sagan was a very cool guy. He was a renowned astronomer and astrophysicist, popular around the entire planet. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and was practically a regular. …

Getting There from Here

Here’s another way to look at how the truth about UAP reality rolls out to the public. What’s next could go fast or slow but the path is clear.

Image Capture from Showtime’s “UFO”

What exactly is a phase, anyway? The dictionary says it means “a distinguishable part in a course, development, or cycle.” The Moon famously goes through phases. So do teenagers, according to most parents. Marvel Comics runs its cinematic universe in phases.

Can the same be said for the disclosure process…

Bryce Zabel

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